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We have designed and directed several big projects already, notably the Jerusalem Festival of Lights, the International Haifa Flower Show or the Castro Street Art Projects. In all projects we have been responsible for the concept, selection and invitation of artists, event planning, detailed design and often also production.


Festival of Lights Jerusalem

We have been appointed to be the Artistic Directors of the Jerusalem Light Festival. The 9th edition this year takes place 28|6 - 6|7, 2017 at the Old City of Jerusalem.


Amphi at the Port

The production for the "Amphi in the Port" is in full progress. From August 02, 2016 eight shows will be staged in the port [...]


Zoolander 2

Now, that Zoolander 2 is out, we can officially reveal that we have been involved with design assistance and consultation for adoption of our [...]


MH17 Memorial – Amsterdam

Living Memory – Frozen pictures of happy times MH17 Memorial Island, Amsterdam Living Memory – frozen pictures of happy times - focuses on the [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 08

International Flower Show Haifa World 08: Underwater Dome - From the rainbow in the sky you are invited to enter an enchanted underwater paradise [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 07

International Flower Show Haifa World 07: Over the rainbow  - Probably everybody has ever dreamed of walking over a rainbow. This world wants to make this [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 06

Haifa International Flower Show World 06: Scents of Flowers Dome - You are invited to enter flacon like tensile structures suspended from the sky, [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 04

Haifa International Flower Show World 04: Tropical Flowers -  In this micro-climate dome, you can find a biotope of various tropical flowers dwelling in [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 03

Haifa International Flower Show World 03: Night-flowers at a Secret Garden - This dome invites you to another unique experience of flowers: dwelling in [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 02

International Flower Show Haifa World 02:  Flowers in our cities  - Come and take a stroll through a picturesque and romantic small town scenery [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa – 01

International Flower Show Haifa World 01: Fields of Flowers -  This world offers a colorful introduction to the International Flower show – an imaginary [...]


Int. Flower Show Haifa 2012

OGE has been selected to be the creative directors, architects & lead designers of the Haifa International Flower Show 2012 on the shore lines [...]


MS Dockville – Hamburg

- there are no strangers here; only FRIENDS you haven’t yet met - (William Butler Yeats) Our installation is a hommage to Yeats, social media [...]



Citymonsters is a bottom up, cheer up project developed by OGE Group and first installed in Haifa 2009.