Emerald Glen Aquatics Center


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Project Description

We believe in space, its quality, history and narrative. Environment is like a storyboard unfolding in front of our eyes, giving us the tools for continuing the narrative. Like a story that asks to be continued. Like an unfinished symphony that sums in our ears – a vast field of objects, colors, materials, identities… – a playground for the senses that asks to be used to continue a story. We like to create things daring that have an impact on their environment on a sensual level, charming and stimulating the peoples senses without being intrusive. Those additions to existing environments are highlighting the quality of the space –a strengthening upgrade of its character, a beneficial symbiosis of the existing and the new.

The Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatics Complex is such a place, embedded in a park aiming to offer space for leisure, tranquility and serenity. We aim to strengthen this connection to nature and environment by highlighting the symbiosis of man and nature, body and soul.
As an entry sculpture and symbol for the Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatics Complex we chose a hummingbird – the small bird – not just beautiful in its amazing colorful plumage, but also captivating us through its ability to stop in flight to reach the honey of a blossom: Oscillating its wings at incredible speed they can hover in mid-air, aiming exactly where they want to be. A humming bird as a symbol of beauty, naturalness, hard work, determination and success – can be a proud icon for the center.

The humming bird sculpture is designed of polished steel and colorful transparent Glass plates, that form the feathers and wings, creating subtle transparencies and colorful shadows. The visitor can view the environment through these colorful filters, thus the sculpture invites its surrounding and creates a layer upon it, offering and stimulating to discover the environment, creating new stories with i.e. pink clouds, bluish trees and greenish buildings…

The humming bird in iconography and colors shall be also translated onto the entry wall, which will be a sign bearing wall stating “Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatics Complex” but also a colorful picture of birds, flowers and natural elements. The title will be created from stainless steel letters embedded in the surrounding graphic that is covered with a rifled thin protective PE coating: creating a lenticular effect.
This holographic effect we know from cards, books and toys where the motive changes depending on the angle you look at it. We want to use this effect on the wall, so the wall changes its motives and colors in a low-tec and sensual way according to the position of the visitor.

When the visitor of the center arrives, the entrance wall changes it colors and motives subtly without being intrusive or forcing a different pace – the changes are happening according to the mood and speed of the visitor and moving with him all along has he/she enters the place. Gentle changes of colors from green/blue/turquoise to red/orange/yellow, such as the colors of the birds feathers.
The natural elements are continued to the rear plaza wall where a flower fountain invites the visitors to enjoy a water game and shower. The Flowers – source of the nectar – are created in a similar way like the humming bird sculpture at the entrance: colorful glazed and PE elements are filtering the sunlight, offer various color filters for seeing the environment and casting colorful shadows on its surround.
Small low voltage LED lights are integrated into the blossoms to and the water fixtures to illuminate the sculpture and the water at night. You feel like taking a refreshing shower in colorful water after all the sport and fitness you have done? You’ll feel like reborn in this refreshing, sparkling, colorful and gentle tranquility…

Yes, there are humming birds in Dublin!