MS Dockville – Hamburg

interactive installation for gathering

MS Dockville – Hamburg 2017-07-09T15:47:07+00:00

Project Description

– there are no strangers here; only FRIENDS you haven’t yet met – (William Butler Yeats)

Our installation is a hommage to Yeats, social media and friendship in real space. A 20 x 6 x 0.5m big platform visually echoes the street signs of one way roads. With the program printed on the sides, the center word “friends” us scaled up to huge dimensions and cuts out small pools, inviting the people to take off their shoes and sit down around the pools, easing their feet. While enjoying the tranquilizing water and massage of the river stones on the bottom of those pools, other people join in and small talks and interesting conversations are sparking off. Throughout history many cultures enjoyed the combination of bath and conversation: the Romans in there thermae, the Japanese in their onsen baths – all examples of a long forgotten way: Through the sharing of the simple condition of joy and play we ease our feets in warm water for the path ahead of us – and make new friends.